Maternity gifts for baby’s

Maternity gifts for baby’s

Exciting, someone you know just gave birth! Of course, you can’t wait to see the newborn baby, but you have no idea what to bring for the little one. This is very recognizable. That’s why we have listed the cutest, most original maternity gifts for a newborn baby for you.

Tips for original maternity gifts

With a maternity gift you can surprise the new parents during their maternity period. Of course, you want the parents to really benefit from the gift and use it often.


With a personalized gift, you’re always in the right place. You can give something that brings back fond memories. That way, parents will never forget from whom they received that wonderful maternity gift.


A gift that captures a beautiful moment is also always appreciated. For example, you can think of a storage box, in which all kinds of special things can be kept, or a plaster cast set that allows you to make a hand and footprint of the baby.


With a useful and convenient gift, you can be sure parents will use it often. For example, you can make a diaper cake or fill a nice basket with rompers, pacifiers and care products.


A fun, unique gift is a maternity gift with name, for example. You can get anything printed; from birth pillows to pacifiers. Fun, personalized maternity gifts include a stuffed toy with the baby’s name and date of birth, wooden toys with the baby’s name, a letter train that forms the baby’s name or a personalized book with the baby’s name.


For a long time, maternity baskets have been given. In a maternity basket you can put several gifts that the parents can unwrap one by one during the maternity week.

Our favorite maternity gifts for newborn baby’s

1. Cute night lights: There are a lot of night lights in cute shapes, such as in the shape of a cloud, a bear or a dino.

Verkrijgbaar bij (€23,80)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€27,95)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€24,95)

2. A bathrobe: A bathrobe is incredibly nice for after a shower. Nice and warm and also super cute. You can personalize this gift by having the baby’s name embroidered on the robe.

Verkrijgbaar bij (€21,24)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€22,95)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€29,95)

3. A lookbook: A lookbook consists of special patterns that stimulate perception. Baby will be entertained for hours with this gift.

Verkrijgbaar bij (€10,95)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€12,99)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€8,95)

4. Rattles: Rattles stimulate baby’s senses through fun colors and sounds.

Verkrijgbaar bij (€11,49)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€16,95)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€14,99)

5. Wooden toys: Wooden toys stimulate the baby’s growth

Verkrijgbaar bij (€13,49)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€13,95)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€79,95)

6. Pacifier cloth/toy: A pacifier cloth/toy attaches to the pacifier. The baby can cuddle with this while the pacifier is being used and the pacifier is less likely to get lost. This is a very affordable gift and you have an awful lot of different kinds.

Verkrijgbaar bij (€11,95)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€8,99)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€11,00)

7. A baby gym: A baby gym is a fun form of toy for babies. It keeps the baby busy, it distracts the baby and it stimulates the baby’s development.

Verkrijgbaar bij (€44,99)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€41,69)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€39,95)

8. Children’s cutlery with name.

9. A white noise device: A white noise device is the answer for babies who have trouble falling asleep. White noise reminds babies of the lulling sound of blood flowing through the womb and therefore has a calming effect.

Verkrijgbaar bij (€21,95)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€119,95)

Verkrijgbaar bij (€32,95)

10. A personalized children’s book: A book with the baby’s name is an incredibly original gift. For example, you can personalize a book by Woezel & Pip or Bumba.

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