Maternity gifts for fathers

Maternity gifts for fathers

Congratulations, a baby is born! It may not be so obvious, but it is nice to give the fathers a maternity gift as well. Here we share our tips for great maternity gifts for fathers.

Our favorite maternity gifts for fathers

  1. A daddy survival kit: A daddy survival kit is fun to give to fathers who are having their first child. In a survival kit, you can put tissues, a romper, a spit napkin, a diaper and a set of earplugs.
  2. A bracelet set: two identical bracelets, one for the baby and one for the father. After all, dads secretly really enjoy matching with their baby.
  3. Books for Dads: There are lots of great pregnancy-related books written for dads. The books are about pregnancy, baby time and parenting. Dads can learn a lot from them.
  4. A cool sling: fathers also like to carry the baby. There are special slings for dads and there is an awful lot to choose from.
  5. A ten-day package: Collect ten gifts for the father in a nice basket. You can think of pacifiers, a nice beer, an energy drink, and so on. The father can then unwrap a gift every day for three days.
  6. A memory box: In a memory box, parents can keep all the first memories. The box includes a cotton bag for the first shoe, a small box for the first tooth and an envelope for the first lock of hair.
  7. Milestone Cards: This set contains a set of milestone cards for all of their little one’s “first times.
  8. A subscription: makes it easier for brand new parents to plan the maternity visit. By giving them a subscription as a gift, you can unburden them in this area.
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