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You just gave birth to your baby. Of course you want to show your newborn baby to all your family and friends. Yet we can also imagine that baby visitors can cause some stress. What exactly is a baby shower, when do you want visitors and how do you plan everything? We understand that you want to enjoy your maternity period. That’s why we’ve made a list of everything you need to know about maternity visits and give you tips on how to have a peaceful time.

What to expect?

After the birth of your child, your life is completely upside down. Everything is new and your nights are broken. Especially with your first child you will have to deal with situations you haven’t experienced before, including the phenomenon of maternity visits.


You naturally want to show your newborn baby to family and friends. Therefore, they can come for a maternity visit. During a maternity visit, family and friends come to visit the newborn. For many parents, maternity visits can cause stress, but this is not necessary if you think in advance about how you want to handle it.


How many maternity visitors you can expect depends on how many family and friends you have. In any case, keep in mind that there will probably be more maternity visitors than you expected. Often people see the birth announcement as an invitation to visit.

When do you want to receive maternity visitors?

The first 24 hours after giving birth are incredibly hard. Childbirth has demanded a lot from your body and you and the baby need time to recover. Therefore, in the first 24 hours, make sure that only people visit who you really feel comfortable with and who you’d like to share this special moment with.


Don’t feel rushed to invite maternity visitors as soon as possible. It is advisable to have as few maternity visitors as possible during the first few days. There is a lot involved in the first days with a newborn and it is nice if you don’t have to stress about the maternity visits.


It is best to invite some maternity visitors during the time you still have the maternity nurse in the house. The maternity nurse primarily helps with taking care of you and the baby, but she also helps with receiving maternity visitors. She can open the door for visitors, provide a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, and indicate that the visit is over after an agreed time.

How do I plan Maternity visits

Planning baby visits can be difficult and stressful. However, it’s entirely unnecessary if you use the planning tool of Kraamvisite.nl. Kraamvisite.nl allows parents to indicate their availability for maternity visits. They can send this to family and friends. Family and friends can choose a date and time and plan the baby visit. With our planning tool, we try to completely unburden you in terms of maternity visits, so that you can receive the visitors with peace of mind.

Tips for a pleasant maternity visit


We understand that maternity visits can be stressful, but allow yourself to be pampered. Have others make coffee and hand out cake. This way you will ensure that maternity visits are not a stressful event, but rather an enjoyable one.


During a maternity visit, cake, chocolate, cookies and other goodies are often served. Enjoy it, even if you have several maternity visits in one day. You need the energy.


It can be very annoying if the baby keeps waking up to visitors at the door. Turn off the doorbell and hang a bill on the door asking visitors to send a message instead.


We understand that it can be difficult to accept help, but during the maternity period all help is welcome. If your visitor offers to run errands or cook food for you, don’t hesitate to accept this help. Any task you can delegate will free up time for you to rest.


Many people see the birth announcement as an invitation to visit the baby. Therefore, put some additional information on the birth announcement card, such as when you and the baby will rest. If you want to keep things quiet for the first few days or weeks, you may choose to send the birth announcement card a little later.


To prevent people from arriving at your doorstep unwanted or unexpectedly, you can use Kraamvisite.nl’s planning tool. This tool makes scheduling maternity visits very easy. You can place your personal link on the birth announcement and people can then schedule an appointment themselves. This is how we try to make your maternity period as stress-free as possible.

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