Maternity visit planner

  • Create a personalized guest page
  • Specify which dates for maternity visits are convenient for you
  • Share your personalized link with family and friends
  • Schedule maternity visits
  • add fun things on your wishlist is the maternity visit planner to unburden you during your maternity period!

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A personalized guest page

On you can create a personalized guest page. Give your page a name and choose a link. Share this link with your family, friends or acquaintances to plan your maternity visit. You can also add a description and address. It is even possible to add your own color to the guest page. This really gives a personal touch to your guest page!

Create time slots

After you create a personalized guest page, it’s time to create time slots. You decide which days and times you do or do not want to receive maternity visitors.

Share your personalized link

While creating the guest page, you also chose a personalized link. It is nice to include your child’s name, for example. After you have created a number of time slots, you can share the personalized link with family, friends and acquaintances. For example, you can share the personalized link via WhatsApp or Facebook or you can put the link on the birth announcement card.

telefoon met voorbeeld kraamvisite planner

Put fun things on your wishlist

You can make your own wishlist of gifts that you would like or need. The visit can order these gifts very easily. No more duplicate gifts or hundreds of stuffed animals. Take a look at our catalog and get inspired.

Schedule maternity visits

Endless phone calls back and forth to plan maternity visits are a thing of the past. With you can easily plan maternity visits. Guests go to your personalized link, choose a time slot that is convenient for them and schedule a maternity visit. Very simple, for you and the visitors!


  • provides more peace of mind for you and your family during the maternity period.
  • You have control over the days and times you want to receive maternity visitors. No more unexpected visits.
  • Make a wishlist and receive gifts that you really like or need.
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