The wish list is a useful functionality in the Maternity Visit planning tool that allows parents or parents-to-be to indicate which gifts they would like to receive for their baby. It is a convenient way to avoid receiving duplicate or unwanted gifts during their maternity visit. The wishlist allows parents to select specific items they would like to receive, such as diapers, baby clothes, toys or care products. They can also specify what sizes or colors they prefer and whether they want to receive organic or sustainable products, for example. The wish list is a useful tool for friends and family visiting to determine which gift best suits the parents’ needs. This way they can be sure that their gift will be appreciated and useful for the baby. The wishlist in the planning tool makes it easier for everyone to give gifts that are truly desired and will help the parents and baby during the first months of their lives together.

Personalized account

At Kraamvisite you have the opportunity to personalize your own account and make it completely to your liking. For example, you can choose a color that suits your style and add images that are important to you. This makes your account unique and personal.

Easy link sharing

You will receive a personalized code. You can put this code on the birth announcement card, for example. Once you have created your own account and log in with the code, you can plan the best time to visit the baby. Of course, you can also easily share the code over WhatsApp. This way, guests can easily access the maternity visit planning system and confirm their attendance.

Add your own photos

At Kraamvisite you can very easily add your own photos to your account. Adding photos to your account is very simple. You can easily upload them from your computer or mobile device. By adding photos you can make your account even more personal.

Personal text

You can also add your own personal text to your account. By adding such a text you can give extra information to the guests and make your account more personal. Your own text can be added very easily and can be edited afterwards.

Make your own planning

In the system you as parents (to be) can easily create your own time slots when you would like to receive maternity visitors. You can share these time slots with your guests and they can choose the most convenient time. Is a certain time not convenient? Then you can easily change it afterwards or add new time slots.

WhatsApp share button

Allows you to easily share your maternity visits.

Soon the following features will also be available:


I-Cal functionality
When a visitor reserves a time slot, it is automatically added to your calendar. So you always have an overview at hand of who is coming for a maternity visit and when.

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