Creating a wishlist

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What is a wishlist?

On it is possible to make your own wishlist. As a brand new parent you can make your own list with gifts that you would like or need. The visitor can then easily order these gifts. This way, you as a parent can be sure that you won’t get any double gifts and the visit comes with the perfect gift for you.

How can I create a wishlist?

Log in and go to the Kraamvisite to which you want to add a wishlist. Add an item by pressing “New Item”. Enter the name, a description and a link to your desired item or find a product from one of our partners. By adding a product from one of our partners, the visit can order the desired item with the click of a button.

How can visitors cross something off my wishlist?

Visitors can cross items off the wish list when planning the maternity visit.

Can I remove something from my wishlist?

Yes, this is possible. You can do this by clicking on the red trash can button behind the gift tip you want to remove. The gift will then be removed and will no longer be visible to your visitors.

How can I view which gifts have already been crossed off?

Of course, it’s the most fun to not yet know what gifts you’re getting. That’s why you can’t just check which gifts have already been crossed off. However, there is one way. You can go to your own link (the link you send to family and friends). There you can see which gifts have been crossed off.

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