Planning a maternity visit

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How to create a time slot?

Scheduling a date is very easy. Log in and choose the Maternity Visit for which you want to schedule a date. Create a new time slot by choosing “New Time Slot”. Select a date, a start time and an end time. Also select the maximum number of appointments (people) you want to schedule for this time slot. Click on “Create time slot.” You now have a new date scheduled!

Is it possible to cancel a date?

You can cancel a date by pressing the red trash can button to the right of the appointment. The date is then deleted and visitors can no longer schedule an appointment. The ‘deleted’ visitors will receive an automatic email notifying them that the appointment has been canceled.

How do visitors get to my maternity page?

During registration you have chosen your own link. You will also find it on your Maternity Visit page, together with the corresponding PIN code. You must share this link and PIN with friends and family, for example, via WhatsApp or Facebook. You can also put the link and code on the birth announcement card. Friends and family will click on this link or type it into a browser, enter the corresponding PIN code and be taken to your Maternity Visit page.

How can visitors schedule a maternity visit?

Planning a maternity visit for your visitors is very easy. Send your chosen link and its PIN to your family and friends. Visitors click on this link or type it into a browser. There they choose the date they would like to visit. Then the available time slots are displayed. Visitors choose one of these time slots and fill in their name and email address. They also have the option of ticking off a wishlist.

How do I know when a visitor has scheduled a maternity visit?

When a visitor has scheduled a maternity visit, both of you will receive an email confirmation of this.

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